2017-12-19 Fabio Bertonclasses/deploy-license-manifest: Create DEPLOY_DIR_IMAG... 51/18251/1 morty
2017-08-11 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Set ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET without the override
2017-08-11 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: armv5te should always use ARM instructions
2017-08-11 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Don't enable Thumb support by default
2017-04-25 Fabio Bertongenerate-release-bundle: Add MIT license 37/14737/1
2017-04-13 Fabio Bertonu-boot-ossystems: Set RPROVIDES to use u-boot-fslc 40/14640/1
2016-12-15 Otavio Salvadorwatchdog: Remove changes are those are upstreamed
2016-12-09 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel-tiny: Allow IMAGE_FSTYPES override
2016-12-05 Otavio Salvadorclasses/ossystems-distro-version: Use 0.0.0-git for...
2016-12-05 Otavio Salvadorossystems-distro-version.bbclass: Allow set of developm...
2016-10-31 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel-tiny: Fix include use
2016-10-31 Fabio Bertondistro/oel: Set thumb mode to armv7a 91/12991/2
2016-10-27 Fabio Bertondistro/oel: Change default tune for armv7a machine 90/12990/1
2016-10-27 Fabio Bertondistro/oel: Add oel DISTROOVERRIDES 89/12989/1
2016-10-27 Fabio Bertondistro/oel: Rename include/oel.conf to include/ 88/12988/1
2016-10-14 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Set virtual/bootloader provider
2016-10-14 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Upgrade to 2016.09-based fork
2016-10-13 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Set version to 16.2
2016-10-13 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Update to linux-yocto 4.8 for qemu* machines
2016-10-13 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Update supported distribution set
2016-10-13 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Reduce the default QEMU supported architectures
2016-08-26 Otavio Salvadorchkconfig-alternatives: Fix build error due source... 27/12227/1
2016-08-26 Fabio Bertonos-release: Append build number for development builds 25/12225/1
2016-08-17 Fabio Bertonu-boot-ossystems: Bump revision to a7452b6 94/12094/1
2016-07-16 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Update to 2016.07-based fork
2016-06-22 Otavio Salvadorrelease-bundle: Avoid recursive 'do_deploy' dependency 83/11283/1
2016-06-08 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Deploy image license manifest 90/10590/1
2016-05-11 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Change SDK host architecture for x86_64 06/10106/1
2016-05-09 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Add snapshot suffix in version
2016-04-29 Fabio Bertondistro/oel-tiny: Set a softer assignment to PREFERRED_P... 49/10049/1
2016-04-29 Fabio Bertondistro/oel-tiny: Add initial version of O.S. Systems... 73/9973/5
2016-04-29 Fabio Bertontiny-init-system: Basic init mechanism for oel-tiny 72/9972/4
2016-04-29 Fabio Bertonchkconfig-alternatives: Add patch to remove <sys/unistd... 74/9974/4
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Change version for 16.1 55/9855/1
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Fix indenting of DISTRO_FEATURES related... 54/9854/1
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Exclude DATE from DISTRO/SDK_VERSION checksums 53/9853/1
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Enable uninative by default 52/9852/1
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Disable static libs by default 51/9851/1
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: update qemu* to prefer 4.4 kernel 50/9850/1
2016-04-16 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Delete BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER settings 49/9849/1
2016-04-11 Otavio SalvadorRelease Bundle support
2016-04-11 Otavio Salvadorlayerdirs.bbclass: Add platform relative path 58/9758/1
2016-03-23 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Upgrade to 2016.03 based fork 54/9554/1
2016-03-02 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Use DISTRO as default SDK_NAME_PREFIX
2016-02-27 Otavio Salvadorossystems-distro-version.bbclass: Force expanding of...
2016-01-29 Otavio Salvadorwatchdog: Convert to a bbappend
2015-12-11 Otavio Salvadoropkg: Remove cache fixes are those are applied upstream
2015-12-11 Otavio Salvadorbusybox: Enable "top + 1" for all CPUs
2015-12-11 Otavio Salvadorbusybox: Enable "pidof -s" command support
2015-12-11 Otavio Salvadordistro: include nss-myhostname for non-systemd
2015-11-23 Otavio SalvadorAllow use of C implementation of update-alternatives
2015-11-09 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Bump revision to 3fb8c1c2
2015-11-05 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Upgrade to 2015.10 release
2015-11-04 Mario Domenech... ossystems-distro-version.bbclass: add class to provide... 88/8188/3
2015-11-04 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Change version to 15.2
2015-11-04 Otavio SalvadorSync with meta-mentor up to revision 30daa97f
2015-07-21 Otavio Salvadorclasses/deploy-license-manifest.bbclass: Use a separate...
2015-07-20 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Reduce the DISTRO_FEATURES in a default...
2015-07-20 Otavio SalvadorRevert "oel: Enable fbset configuration in busybox"
2015-07-20 Otavio Salvadorbusybox: Enable resize and setsid fragments
2015-07-20 Christopher... sstate-mirror-sites: fix lack of needed expansions
2015-07-20 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Upgrade to 2015.07-based fork
2015-07-07 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Update SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS
2015-06-15 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Change version for 15.1+snapshot
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Change version to 15.1
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Update to 2015.04 based fork
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Do not force a refetch/rebuild when changing a...
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Fix rootfs regeneration issues
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Ensure user shell is not used for build
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Allow recipe blackist
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Sync QA checks with Poky
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Enhance default mirror settings
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Remove unused connectivity check settings
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Use busybox as login manager
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Improve pulseaudio handling when using SystemD
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Disable GUI support for latencytop and sysprof
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Enable fbset configuration in busybox
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Improve NLS distro support handling
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Change default Linux Yocto version for 3.19
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadoroel: Reduce default distro settings
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadordisto/ Sync with meta-mentor at 265a8557
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadorclasses/sstate-mirror-sites.bbclass: Sync with meta...
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Inherit libtool-garbage class
2015-05-14 Otavio Salvadorlibtool-garbage.bbclass: disable inclusion of .la files...
2015-03-19 Otavio Salvadorlicenses: Add OSSCL-1.0 license
2015-02-09 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Fix build using out-of-tree 56/5956/2
2015-02-03 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Update to 2015.01 based fork 12/5912/1
2015-01-27 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Remove dependency on Poky 11/5911/1
2014-12-26 Otavio Salvadormesa-demos: Remove backport of 8.1.0 27/5727/1
2014-12-10 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Remove duplicated sanity tested distributions 99/5699/1
2014-10-23 Mario Domenech... psplash: remove execute access from psplash-colors.h 74/5274/1
2014-10-22 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Update to 2014.10-based version
2014-10-21 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Change version to snapshot for development
2014-10-21 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Update to 14.2 release
2014-10-16 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Fix path for default logo 95/5195/1
2014-09-24 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Update to 875bc42 revision 92/4992/1
2014-09-24 Otavio Salvadordistro/oel: Move to development version 91/4991/1
2014-09-24 Otavio Salvadoru-boot-ossystems: Update to 2ccdfa7 revision 88/4988/2
2014-09-24 Otavio Salvadordistro: Bump version to 14.1 87/4987/2
2014-09-24 Otavio Salvadorossystems-srcrev-handler.bbclass: Import class 86/4986/1